photo credit Rick Doherty

Dorchester Park in Dorchester, Massachusetts was established in 1891. Having changed size over subsequent years, it remains a beautiful part of the community. Please take the opportunity to explore our website; you’ll learn a lot about Dorchester Park’s history and future. You’ll also discover a variety of events held for the community throughout the year.

For other numbers, consider the example calculations made by someone who added together the component plots acquired over the years. Do the math, and the final number is over 30 acres. That number includes just over four acres “transferred from Hospital Dept.” in 1925. This may have been the “Convalescents Home” shown in the Olmsted plan. Carney Hospital acquired about the same amount of land at that location in 1968. This accounts for the most frequently seen figure of 26 acres. Some residents remember that the land was used mostly for sports. The park has two ball fields, two tennis courts, a tot lot with swings and a mini forest with scenic pathways.

The Dorchester Park Association took the initiative to have the park designated an Historic Landmark. The political climate has improved considerably from the days when private land takings shrank the existing park land. But, Historic Landmark status will add another layer of protection for the future and may make it easier to fund some of our restoration initiatives as well.