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“Boston Blooms with Daffodils”, a citywide program offered by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, has just announced that it is providing 500 daffodil bulbs to be planted in Dorchester Park this fall.

Dorchester Park is looking for volunteers to help with this planting project. With plenty of bulbs to be placed in the ground, people should work best in teams of two – a digger and a planter. This can be a fun family event, where young ones can participate in the beautification of their neighborhood, and enjoy seeing their efforts rewarded with blooms every spring. These bulbs are available now and help is needed in getting them in the ground.

Anyone interested in helping to plant these bulbs should meet at 9:00 AM in Dot Park at (X:00 AM) on Saturday October 25th.

Everyone participating is encouraged to take pictures and e-mail them to


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